Udemy – 3d Animation for Architecture 3ds max + Vray (phase 3)

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Udemy – 3d Animation for Architecture 3ds max + Vray (phase 3)

Video сourse: Udemy – 3d Animation for Architecture 3ds max + Vray (phase 3)

What is phase 3 is about?

Phase 3: is about PRODUCTION of the work .

How to estimate render time.
Smart ways to speed up the rendering (without losing quality).
Emergency render set up for more speed in render (losing a bit of quality).
In depth Study of light calculations in V-ray.
FLYTHROUGH technique that saves 90% of light calculations time.
Applying flythrough technique on camera movements.
Final render our camera movements.
Pausing checking and resuming while rendering.
Separating Moving objects “cars and people “in render .
Rendering moving objects using ONE PASS render technique.
Rendering moving objects using TWO PASS render.
Compositing the render In adobe after effects and adding music.
Render presets files included in lectures

**In this phase roll up your sleeves cause it’s time to finish what you have started and show the world your final production of high quality V-ray Animation .

***by the end of this course I will give you a challenge to produce a short clip of final rendered animation of a project of your own and post it on your youtube channel ,facebook ,vimeo ..etc

i am sure you will enjoy this learning experience with me.

In the future I will be adding more advanced stuff to this course and the whole series based on your demands guys..

There is much to learn .. so let’s start now and advance overtime.

Download: Udemy – 3d Animation for Architecture 3ds max + Vray (phase 3)

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