DigitalXModels – Volume 37 – Corner Shops 2

Author Alex
DigitalXModels – Volume 37 – Corner Shops 2

3D-Model Collection: DigitalXModels – Volume 37 – Corner Shops 2

Alright! More games!! Let’s play “Which shop is most likely to get robbed?!”
OK, let’s eliminate the obvious ones. The bartender at the Crown and Dolphin Pub keeps a loaded shotgun under the counter. Likewise, so does the cashier at the BP convenience store. The 1-story brick building with all the windows is run by a motorcycle gang, so I don’t think anyone’s going to run off with their cash. And the Circle K with the Dunkin Donuts is safe since there’s always a cop at the doughnut shop. The rest are not as obvious. The other Circle K, the 7-Eleven, and the Market Express all have security cameras, so if *I* were a thief (which I’m not!), I’d choose another place first. That leaves the Subway, the Food Mart, and the A&A Market. Subways have always been popular spots for hold-ups, but you know they don’t keep much money on hand. My bets are on the A&A Market! Mom and Pop probably keep their safe full of cash under the counter. Plus you can walk out with the $$ in one hand and a pastrami sandwich in the other!

Download: DigitalXModels – Volume 37 – Corner Shops 2

  1. suley2018 October 8 09:12
    It contains only textures not models.
    1. Sonya2018 October 8 12:35
      Where did you download? Just downloaded and checked - here all the model files and textures
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